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Soundtrack Title or Keyword
Power Search

Our "Title, Artist or Keyword" Power Search can help you find a group of soundtracks by the same artist.  If you have found a soundtrack that you like the style of and key works for your voice you can take note of the artist name in the Keyword and do a search for all of their songs.

If you enter David Ingles in the search field it will bring up all songs by his name. 

You can also use the Preset Search on our home page to find our artists.

Here is a partial list of Artists or Keywords to search for.

Artists:  David Ingles, Price Harris, Phillip Willis, Wisenhunt

Keywords:  Christmas, Patriotic, Mother's Day, Father's Day


Soundtrack Page Power Search Help Using Partial "Lyrics"
The Power Search button can help you find a soundtrack that you know a few of the key words or phrases but do not know the exact title. 

Use Boolean search for a powerful search especially if you do not know the exact title of a song.  Enter one or two consecutive words like "love lifted".  This will find all songs with the entered Phrase in the lyrics..

You can even use a Boolean search to narrow the listed soundtracks to what fits you, like your vocal range or the type of instrumentation.

imagine AND strings NOT steel*

Or try

when christ **

This Boolean search above will bring up all songs with the word *"Imagine" Or **"When Christ" anywhere in the song and with "Strings" in the instrumentation and does Not have "Steel Guitar" in the instrumentation used on this track.


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