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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

                        1.  Internet Downloads are now Instant Downloads?
                        2.  I don't see a purchase link without BGV for a particular song?
                        3.  Why do I have to reply that my CD order is correct?
                        4.  How do I remove a title from my shopping cart?  
                        7.  Does Encore Trax include low/medium/hi for all songs?
                        9.  What is your standard CD format - All songs on one CD?
                      13 What do I get when I when I place an order on line
                      14. Listen to demos completely before purchase - No returns
                      15. View Tutorial Video on How to download our tracks
                      16. Why does the online Soundtrack not play all the way to the end?


                      17. NEW Member's Area where you can re-download your soundtracks.



Instant Internet Download Information

Our Encore Trax Downloads are now instant downloads.

Your credit card charges are now automatically processed for approval  and then you taken to your Instant Download Page where you can download your order without having to wait on an email to arrive.  

This now allows you to download your order instantly - no waiting on emails.

You are also sent an email with your a download link(s).  The email is sent at the time of your order 24/7/365.  It it great if we have your phone number on your orders in case there is a problem or a question.  At least monitor your email in case we need to contact you.

Speaking of email, your email address must be correct or your receipt and download email will be delayed.  We have no way of confirming you have entered your correct email address.  Please double check your email address before proceeding.

Please read these full download pricing and instructions to answer your questions about
download pricing and other FAQ's.

Phone in orders have a $3.00 additional service fee.


We have gone to great lengths to provide an online listening room and online ordering for our entire catalog.  We encourage all to place your orders online.  We prefer all who purchase our tracks to have listened and confirmed the key, vocal range, instrumentation and style before you purchase any tracks.  This way you can be certain that any purchases will be a fit for you.

To take an order via the phone requires extra personnel which costs more and we have to pass this cost on in the way of this service fee.  You can always call or email if you have a problem or need help with a certain feature but we prefer all orders to be online.

We also have our Online Chat for any help you may need.  If it is off line you may leave an email and we will get back with you to assist as soon as possible. 


With and Without Background Vocal Versions

Our website displays both the with BG Vocal and without BG Vocal versions on the same page.

You will actually see up to three versions of our new lyrics pages.  Some songs have both versions available some will only be with or without. 

Dual Versions With and Without BGV
Versions With BGV only
Versions Without BGV only

If a title has both a "With BGV" and a "Without BGV" you will see 2 track numbers.  You do not receive both versions.  If you desire to have both with and without version you will need to purchase both versions as if they are two different titles.

Tracks: 1575B & 1593N

The first number will have a "B" following the number and that means this version has BG Vocals.

The second number is the different track number for this very same track without BG Vocals and it will have an "N" at the end of the number.

The number with a "B" is shown if there is a BGV version and the second number is shown if there is a Without BGV version available. 

NOTE: Not all songs are even available with or without background vocals.  You can't just indicate you want BGV on every track.  If both versions are available we will have separate numbers with a "B" or an "N" at the end of the number.  Everything we have is listed online!

If a title is only available With BGV then you will see only the number with a "B" at the end:

Track: 0567B

This shows the With BGV version as number 0567B but there is not a version without BGV so you only see the one number with a "B" at the end.

If a title is only available Without BGV then you will see only the number with an "N" at the end of the number:

Tracks: 0106N

This shows the Without BGV version as number 0106N but there is not a version of this track with BGV so you only see the one number with an N at the end.

The vocal demo provided is the same for both title numbers.

Play Slow Dial-up MP3 Demo is for slow Dial up Internet connections.

PLAY Fast Cable-DSL MP3 Demo is for fast DSL or Cable Internet connections.


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Tracks: 1574B & 1592N

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 Title:  We Fall Down 

 PLAY Slow Dial-up MP3 Demo      PLAY Fast Cable-DSL MP3 Demo 


INSTANT DOWNLOAD Includes: Demo, Soundtrack and Lyrics - Read FAQ's  


This is our New DUAL Version Soundtrack links - With & Without BGV

  Buy BOTH Versions on CD ($13.00) With & Without  BGV 

  Buy BOTH Versions Via Download ($11.00) With & Without BGV  


This Soundtrack is the "WITH" BACKGROUND VOCAL  Version

  Buy This Track on CD ($10.00) With Background Vocal  

  Buy This Track Via Instant Download ($7.50) With Background Vocal  

 PLAY Slow Dial-up MP3 Track     PLAY Fast Cable-DSL MP3 Track   



This Track's Key OR Key(s) With Modulations:

Approx. Vocal Range - Listen To Confirm: Medium Range
Instrumentation: Rhythm, Soprano Sax, Strings & BG Vocal 


Notice the key, vocal range and instrumentation is listed for each track number.

This first group is for the "With Background Vocals" version.



This Track's Key OR Key(s) With Modulations:

Approx. Vocal Range - Listen To Confirm: Medium Range
Instrumentation: Rhythm, Soprano Sax, Strings & BG Vocal 

This second group is for the "Without Background Vocals" version.



This Track's Key OR Key(s) With Modulations:

Approx. Vocal Range - Listen To Confirm: Medium Range
Instrumentation: Rhythm, Soprano Sax & Strings 

Notice the instrumentation in the second group does not show BGV's.  This is the track number to order if you do not want BGV's.

When you order one soundtrack it comes with only that one version. 

You do not get both with and without BGV versions for one price.  Each track is priced separately.  Of course you may order both versions.

The vocal range will indicate what voice range this track is generally suitable for.  If we indicate a range of Lo/Med this does NOT mean you get two versions.  It simply means the voice range for this one soundtrack will generally work for either a person with a low to medium voice range.  You will only receive one soundtrack with each track number.  Please listen to each vocal demo all the way thru to confirm the range is suitable for you!  We do not have soundtracks that include multiple key versions.  There is only one range in that arrangements.


CD Order Confirmation Email

For Encore Trax CD orders you will no longer need to fill out a CD Approval form.   Please take the time right away to look over your email order receipt and let us know immediately if there is an error on your order.  We cannot be responsible for incorrectly entered orders so you must let us know if there is an issue But you need to do this immediately because if we have already processed your order it will go out As Ordered.

Track numbers with "B" will ship with BGV.

Track numbers with "N" will ship without BGV.

Your order confirmation will also show a "[CD]" for CD format and "[Download]" for Internet Downloads.

I you accidentally click on the wrong order link you can remove it from your shopping basket by clicking on the Delete link to the right of the Quantity field.  The incorrect line item will be removed.

Product Quantity Price Amount
1575B [Ship on CD] You Are Holy Lord Delete    10.00 10.00
1593N [Ship on CD] You Are Holy Lord Delete    10.00 10.00

If you do not receive a confirmation email within a short time after placing an order please email to inform us and monitor your email account for a communication from us.

When you receive your order confirmation check it over carefully and then reply and enter at the top of the email "Order is correct" to approve the order as shown. 

The vocal demo will have the background vocals for demonstration.

If you hear background vocals on the without clip please email us and help to correct this.  We currently should have all sound track clips without BGV online.  If you hear BGV on one of these Non BGV clips let us know.

For ordering purposes the track numbers that end with an "N" denote the Without Background Vocal version.

If this title is available without background vocals it will have a number with an "N" at the end such as "1576N".  

Please place your orders based upon the "B" for BGV and "N" for without BGV.

The lyrics for this title are shown next.  

If you find what might be an error in our lyrics please email us with this information and help us to have correct lyrics.


Sometimes lyrics will have a word or two that is different than the way you may sing the song.  

Feel free to use whatever words you desire.


Holy, Holy, You are Holy Lord
Worthy, Worthy of all my praise
Holy, Holy, You are Holy Lord
Worthy, Worthy for You have made the way
God loved me, so he made a way
For me to be free and never ever stray
When my Lord was hanging on a cross
He did what it took to free all the lost
Now we Praise Him, Praise Him, You are Holy Lord
Worthy, Worthy of all our Praise
Praise Him, Praise Him, You are Holy Lord
Worthy, Worthy for You have made the way
I will bow before You and give You all my heart
You have had me in your sight from the very start
You know my beginning from my very end
Your plan for me is awesome in You Iím gonna stand
Holy, Holy, You are Holy Lord
Worthy, Worthy of all my praise
Holy, Holy, You are Holy Lord
Worthy, Worthy for You have made the way
Praise Him, Praise Him, You are Holy Lord
Worthy, Worthy of all our Praise
Praise Him, Praise Him, You are Holy Lord
Worthy, Worthy for You have made the way

Soundtrack Formats

CD soundtracks are provided with all songs ordered on a custom burned single CD.  This one CD will have all of the soundtracks first, followed by the Vocal Demo versions.  If all soundtracks and vocal demos will not fit on one CD then all of the soundtracks will be burned on CD #1 and all of the vocal demos will be burned on CD#2.

The exact CD format will be determined by the total number of tracks ordered and the total length of the songs included on this order.

As a special order you can order each song on an individual CD for an extra cost of $2.00 per CD.  On the shopping cart you will find an "Enter Message about your order" box to indicate your desire for this individual CD format.  The cart will not show the additional charge but we will add the charge to your order upon receipt.  This will show up on your credit card statement as two separate charges.  

Enter message about your order. (Separate CD's will be $2.00 more per CD)

Just add a note in the shopping cart as stated above and we would like for you to confirm this in your "order is correct" email.  Insert "please burn separate CD's and add the $2.00 per CD to my charge charge card".

Please note the default CD format is all songs on one CD unless you order differently.  

DSL and Cable Internet Connections Recommended for downloads.

The file size of each song will vary but generally each song will be between 8 and 14 mega bytes and are for fast internet connections like DSL and Cable.

DSL and Cable downloads will take less than 1 minute per song. 

Dialup connections can be used for single song downloads but realize dialup downloads will take 30 to 60 minutes per song.  FYI, while you are downloading keep surfing or checking email, otherwise your dialup connection can be cut off by your Internet Provider.  They don't realize you are downloading a file and automatically cut off your connection.  This causes your download to give an error when you go to unzip the file.   


Check List Before Checking Out


When ordering soundtracks for Internet download please double check the following before going to payments sections and checking out.


1.  Double check that the email address entered is correct.  This is the most common mistake when placing orders.  This will delay your order because we cannot email you unless this email address is entered correctly.


2.  Please include both home/work or day/evening phone numbers and be sure to include your area codes.  If you enter an incorrect email address we can call to confirm the correct email address to proceed with your order processing.


3.  Double check that you have clicked on the correct songs you intended to purchase.  Internet download and CD purchases are not returnable or refundable.  Once you place your order and submit the order with your payment information the order cannot be cancelled as these download orders are automatically processed now and do not have human handling.  You will receive an email receipt but it is for your records only.


4.  Please note: if the title has a "B" at the end it is With BGV.  If it has an "N" at the end it is Without BGV.  Please confirm which version you have ordered before checking out.  We cannot be held responsible for incorrect versions being ordered.

Download Email Does Not Arrive In My Inbox - What should I do?

Download orders now will be taken to their download page for instant downloading.  You no longer have to wait to receive an email to begin your downloads.  Check our Member's Area link where you can login and re-download your soundtracks later as well.

We do send as a backup an email with download link to your Member's Area.  Your order is processed and emailed within 1 minute.  The number one issue a customer does not receive their download link email is the email went to their junk or junk suspects email folder.  

If you do not receive your download email within a few minutes please check these junk folders as well as any AntiSpam folders you computer may have.

AOL users will find their email with download links blocked by AOL unless you turn this feature off.


You had your Instant download page available when you completed your on-line purchase.
And if for some reason you did not complete your download(s) you were sent an email with the very same download links.
Since you are using AOL they sometimes will block downloads with links included.
If you have AOL 8.0 Plus or higher you will have the "Show me mail from" option.

To insure you get our backup email with the download links follow these instructions in AOL 8.0.
1. On the AOLģ toolbar, click the Read icon.
2. Click the Show me mail from: drop-down menu to open it, choose Everyone from the list, then click it.
3. In the upper right of the mailbox window, click the X button to close it.
Next Add us to your address book.
Larry Benson
This should allow you to view all emails from people in your AOL Address Book.
If you do not have AOL 8.0 or higher we will forward your AOL back up download email as quickly as possible.
There may be a delay in you receiving this email.  Please be patient.
Another suggestion is to get one of the Free online email accounts such as Yahoo or GMail.

PLAY Slow Dial-up MP3 or PLAY Fast Cable or DSL MP3 Demo

These are links to play our demos online.  They are found on each lyrics page.

If you have a slow dialup Internet connection then you should click on the "Slow Dial-up" links.

If you have DSL or Cable Internet connection you should click on "Fast Cable-DSL" to play our MP3 high quality demo files.

The highest quality should be the MP3 HiFi link but you must have DSL or Cable to play these links.

If you click on the Fast link and during the song it stops playing and re-buffers and then starts playing again where it left off you should try the "Slow Dial-up" links to match your Internet connection.


How Long Does It Take To Receive My CD Order?

CD soundtrack orders that are placed have to be custom burned or manufactured for your order as All songs are on one CD unless you specify individual CD's and pay the additional charge.

Once we receive your order it can take up to 72 hours before we have your order processed and burned ready for shipment, THEN we ship according to your selection at the time of ordering.

The time it takes for the shipper to get the order to you is in addition to the processing time in our office.

Processing Time + Shipping Time = Total Time of Delivery.

We of course cannot guarantee the shipping carrier's delivery.  Once we hand the package over for shipment it is out of our hands.

We can only state what the shipper states as their normal delivery times.

If you are a surrounding state to Oklahoma then you should normally get your ground or US Mail shipments in 1-3 days + our processing time.

The states surrounding Oklahoma are: Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico. 

ALL OTHER STATES please allow 3 - 10 days shipping time + our processing time.

If you are in a hurry you can chose UPS Red for overnight shipping BUT you still have to add our processing time of up to 72 hours.  If you need a soundtrack right away we suggest you choose to download the track and burn you own copy, which you can do all of this is less than 15 minutes, if you are familiar with the Audio CD burning process.

For example, if your order comes in on Friday after 12:00 noon your CD order will not be processed until Monday.  We are closed on Saturday and Sunday and certain holidays.

You can always chose to download your selection and get it as an instant download 24/7/365 days a year AND save shipping time and shipping costs.

Instant downloads are fast, easy and the very same quality as our CD's.

What will I receive when I place and order for a soundtrack?

With each order you receive a vocal demonstration to aid in learning the song, the actual soundtrack you use to sing in performance with and the lyrics sheet with the words to the song.

You will only one key or range with each track number.  Our soundtracks are not Lo-Med-Hi all on one CD.

Why do the online Soundtracks not play all the way to the end?

We do provide the entire Vocal Demo to aid you in confirming the song, key, vocal range and instrumentation is right for your voice.

The Soundtrack Shortened Clip is there to let you hear just the soundtrack music long enough for the same reason But if we put the entire Soundtrack online site visitors could take that soundtrack and download it without paying for the soundtrack.

That is why the Soundtrack is shortened to a Clip, for security purposes.  So listen to the vocal demo all the way through to confirm it will work for your voice, range and musical style.

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