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Don't Shout Me Down [David Ingles]

Track #: 1712B - ----N

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Medium Range

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Rhythm, Lead Guitar & Background Vocal
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David Ingles
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Lyrics to this Soundtrack

Don't Shout Me Down
Encore Trax 1712B - ----N


A lady walked up to me saying,
“Brother, a special gift has been bestowed on me;
It's the gift of rocking back and forth.
Dear brother, keep watching me,
And if I'm not rocking, then you're off the beam.”
Said somebody laid their hand upon her,
She looked at me so funny when I said,
Sister, I've got a special word just for you,
That's called laying empty hands on empty heads!”

Don't shout me down just ‘cause I'm preach-in' good,
How come me to get off on a thing like this?
Don't shout me down just ‘cause I'm meddlin',
If you can't say, “Amen,” say, “O, me!”

Verse 1
In a revival meetin' in another place,
I had preached the Word, made the call,
Several fine young couples came to Jesus,
They that very night confessed Him, Lord.
I said to the pastor, Brother, did you know them?”
He said, “No, if they got anything, they'll be back,”
I closed the meeting down, I couldn't preach there,
Least ways not with an idiot like that!

Verse 2
God's Word teaches healing, faith and miracles,
Some so called Christians don't believe it yet
I stand amazed, some folks are just like concrete,
Thoroughly mixed up and to well set.
There's a few in many congregations,
For them nothing's ever smooth for very long,
Doubters, unbelievers and fault finders,
With a load of slop equipped with a wagging tongue.

Verse 3
Some think being sick brings God glory,
Pain and strain and poverty as well,
Yet the same ones dial the local druggist,
Hopin' to get well against His so called will.
There are folks with notions just that stupid,
No one list'ning now could be like those;
If all their brains were dynamite exploded,
There wouldn't be enough to blow their nose!

© 1982 David Ingles Music

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