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He Ain't Never Done Me Nothin' But Good

Track #: 1286B - 1335N

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Lyrics to this Soundtrack

He Ain't Never Done Me Nothin' But Good

Encore Trax # 1286 / 1335

Cause He ain't never
Done me nothin'
Done me nothin' but good
He ain't never
Done me nothin'
Done me nothin' but good

Job was a righteous man the devil couldn't doubt
He surely loved his Savior
There was not one doubt about it
Satan cursed his body
From his feet to his head
And H told him all his children and his cattle were dead
Then Job's wife said, why don't you just curse your God and die
but Job said hey woman you speak like a foolish child


Now history tells about a prophet
They martyred for the Gospel's sake
They built a fire all around his feet
And they tied him up to a stake
But the fire would not consume him
So they pierced him with a sword
And the blood ran down from out of his mouth
But still all these years I've served Him
He's always done me good
I won't repent, I won't recant tell me why I should


I gave me heart to Jesus and I took Him as my Savior
I cast my lot with the chosen few and I headed out to inherit it
But soon I was forsaken, my friends left one by one
But the good Lord walked right along beside me
He never left me alone
He fed me when I was hungry, He cheered me when I was sad
He's been the dearest Friend this ole boy's ever had.

Chorus x3

Done me nothin'
Done me nothin'
Done me nothin'
Nothing but good

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