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Keep Your Head In The Word

Track #: 1096B - 1143N

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Lyrics to this Soundtrack

Keep Your Head In The Word

Encore Trax # 1096 / 1143

How in the world you gonna know, when a wolf comes along like a lamb?
Telling you the wrong way, saying it's the right way, how you gonna understand?
How you gonna know for sure, if the preacher is preaching it right?
One is saying this, and another saying that, can they both be standing in the light?

Keep your head in the word, and your heart in the light
That's the only way you're gonna know, the only way you're gonna grow right
The spirit of God is like a flame in the night
And if you wanna do right, keep your head in the word, and your heart in the light

How you gonna make your stand, when it all comes crashing down?
When Babylon is burning, and everybody's turning, waiting for the final round
Where you gonna be on that day, when the clouds come rolling in?
When the Lord returns and everybody learns the lesson of a life of sin



You can never have all the answers, to a great and holy plan
When you talk about things eternal, it's just more than you can understand
But we all have a part in the story, and we're all a part of His concern
And the Lord is willing to teach everybody who is willing to learn


Keep your head in the word!

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