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I'm A Jesus Fan

Track #: 1081B - 1128N

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Lyrics to this Soundtrack

I'm A Jesus Fan

Encore Trax # 1081 / 1128

I was drivin' home one Friday, when commotion caught my ear
In a field a crowd was gathered, I could hear them yell and cheer
Tell me why are you excited? I asked a certain man
He said, aint no better reason, well, I'm a football fan!

(key change)
So I drove a little further, and I sought another crowd
They were dancin' and they were swayin', I heard music playin' loud
Again I asked why get excited, I just don't understand
They said, man you're just not with it, we're just rock music fans!

(key change)
So I went to church that Sunday, and I heard that preacher say
Jesus gave His life to save us and He's comin' back someday
So I started gettin' happy, how I shouted, how I cried
Someone said don't get excited, oh but this was my reply

Well, I'm a Jesus fan, I'm a Jesus fan
When I think about His mercy, then I've got to lift my hand
So now if you hear me shouting, you'll have to understand
I can't help but get excited, I'm a Jesus fan!

(key change)
Repeat Chorus:
Repeat Chorus:

I'm a Jesus fan!

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