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Move On Up The Mountain

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Lyrics to this Soundtrack

Move On Up The Mountain

Encore Trax # 1012

I'm gonna move on up the mountain, I'm gonna pull the Devil down
Cause he doesn't have a right to be on the higher ground
I'm gonna move on up the mountain, with my shield and my sword
And I will see sweet victory, in the name of the Lord

I've been down here in this valley of decision long enough
Well, I know my God's almighty, I've seen Him do His stuff
And though the Devil, he is mean and smart, it's time to call his bluff
And I proclaim in Jesus name, that I have had enough


(key change)
The Devil came to Jesus and he laid it on the line
He said, "Just worship me, and you can have Earth's kingdoms great and fine."
Well, then Jesus said to Satan, "Get thee behind!"
Because the heavens and the earth you see, they're already mine, so let's


(key change)
Millions are held captive by the evil enemy
There's no time to just sit back, they need to be set free
We've been promised divine protection, if we walk in our Fathers' will
So let's lift up the royal banner and let's march on up the hill


And we will see sweet victory, in the name of the Lord
So, lets move on up!

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