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The Cloud He's Coming Back On

Track #: ----B - 0984N

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Lyrics to this Soundtrack

The Cloud He's Coming Back On

Encore Trax # 0984

Early one morning I walked out the doorway, stopped to look up to the sky
I was thinkin' that this may be the exact day when Jesus will sound off the cry
There was nothin' but blue sky, but one little white cloud, slowly slippin' along
I got so excited that I shouted out loud, "This may be the cloud He's comin' back on!"

This may be the cloud He's comin' back on, for we all know that it's not long
The signs for the learning point to His returning, and I've got a longing for home
I keep my eye on the sky, and I do what He says do, soon I will hear Jesus' cry
Gabriels' trumpet will sound and I'll lift off the ground to the cloud that He's comin' back on

(key change)
Well, when your feelin' just a little blue, now don't let your troubles get you down
Just leave your sorrows behind, step outside, take the time to look all around
Well, keep your eye on the sky and get ready to fly, when you see the cloud slippin' along
You may get so excited, that you'll shout it out loud, "This may be the cloud He's comin' back on!"


Gabriels' trumpet will sound and I will lift off the ground
To the cloud He's comin' back on!

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