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How Much More

Track #: ----B - 0144N

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Lyrics to this Soundtrack

How Much More

Encore Trax # 0144

If He knows when a robin falls from its nest
And He grieves when He sees it die
If He kisses a rose with a morning mist
How much more does He loves you and me

If He cares for the lily of an open fear
And caresses the petals with doe
If He acknowledges a tree when the wind makes it kneel
How much more does He loves me and you

If He'd take out the time to turn a dessert from it's dry
And He'll carve out a river to the sea
Just to give a little fish another place he can live
How much more does He loves you and me

If He has made a place for all that has been
I've been told and I believe it's true
He's preparing me a place that I can not comprehend
That's how much that He really loves me

How much more than a fragrant rose
That he gives life in the spring
For does he loves me less than the bird in his nest
That never souls yet sours on the wing
He can speak just on word and calm the angry wind
And peace be still calm the rolling sea
He can speak peace be still to the storm that's within
That's how much that He really loves me
That's how much that He really loves me

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