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  Encore Trax Master Lease Contract

This lease contract entitles the client listed below to the use of specified Encore Trax on a master recording session for the purpose of adding their voice(s) and/or solo instruments to the accompaniment tapes listed herein. 

Resale of the Encore Trax soundtrack is not included or permitted!

This Master Lease Agreement covers use of the Encore Trax on recording sessions when Benson Sound, Inc. is not handling the manufacture of the CDís and/or tapes.

The undersigned client stipulates they have read, understands and agrees to the following terms and conditions of this lease contract.

1. The Encore Trax made available through this lease contract will be used on only one recording, but the client has the authorization to manufacture unlimited quantities of records, cassettes and/or compact discs using the master created after the voice(s) and/or solo instruments have been added. Re-releases or re-recordings must have a new lease contract. Release and production of products with the soundtrack only is prohibited!

2. Upon completion, a copy of each type of product will be sent to Benson Sound, Inc. (i.e. 1 each of a record, 1 each of a cassette, 1 each of the compact disc).

3. Full payment for the Encore Trax leased must be received by Benson Sound, Inc. before the digital CD masters can be sent to you.  We accept Visa, Master Card and PayPal for lease payment.

4. Client may keep the CD digital master for use as a performance CD.  This master supplied by Benson Sound, Inc. no longer has to be returned.

5. Client will assure Benson Sound, Inc. that no additional copies of the master will be made or allowed to be made by any third party.

6. Client is responsible for any and all applicable sales taxes, recording licenses and /or royalties due on the finished products.

7. Client agrees to display the following credits on the recording final product inserts. "*Encore Trax supplied by Benson Sound, Inc. - Oklahoma City, Ok"

Note: If only some of the songs are Encore Trax, identify each Encore Trax song title with an "*" in addition to the above credit.

8. Client must confirm before using these tracks on a recording session that the CD is suitable for their purposes and does not contain any defects.  Benson Sound is not responsible or held liable for any defects found in the master CD soundtracks.  Client's only remedy shall be a replacement soundtrack CD for any defects found. No other warranty is expressed or implied.

9. Client may elect to use the CD copy already purchased from Benson Sound for the recording session without having to wait for the Lease Master CD or Internet Download.  Do Not use a cassette to record with in a studio. We prefer the client wait for the Lease Master CD or have a download master from us.  Please listen closely to all lease masters and make sure they are correct and does not include any defects before recording.  Client assumes all risk and holds Benson Sound, Inc. harmless for any and all defects.  The Master Lease Contract and payment must be received by Benson Sound, Inc. before any recording is performed.

10. Returned checks for any reason will incur a $25.00 charge.  Customer agrees to pay any all reasonable attorney fees to collect lease fees if payment is by check is rejected by your bank.  International orders must be made with an International Money Order in US Funds.  You agree that Oklahoma City, Oklahoma will be the legal jurisdiction for any disagreements.

11. Payment received for leased Encore Trax and selection of agreement below stipulates client agrees and will abide with the above conditions and requirements.

  Checking this box and Inclusion of my credit card payment confirms I have read the above stipulations and agree to abide to all of the above contract stipulations. Your credit card information is sent to us via our Secure Servers for your protection.  The credit card information will be requested after this contract is submitted.

Encore Trax Master Lease Rate Schedule

(Cost Each on CD or as a Download)

Qty 1 - $145.00     Qty 2 - $140.00     Qty 3 - $135.00     Qty 4 - $130.00     

Qty 5 - $125.00    Qty 6 - $120.00     Qty 7 - $115.00     Qty 8 - $110.00

Qty 9 - $105.00     Qty 10 & UP - $100.00

   Quantity of tracks to be leased is  

Soundtracks lease masters can be downloaded or shipped on Audio CD.

All prices shown are in US Funds and shipped to an address in the Continental US.

We no longer ship Internationally.

Internet Downloads can be sent in the USA or Internationally Free.

Prices shown are plus desired optional shipping costs

Once a lease has been processed and emailed to you there are no cash refunds.

The actual shipping method you desire will be selected later on the charge card page.  If you plan to mail your order and payment use the shipping rates here to add any optional shipping method you desire. 

Soundtrack leasing orders are plus shipping and handling charges.

For Internet Download Delivery **Included Free per order

For UPS Ground (USA) **ADD $10.00 per order.  

For UPS Blue 2-day (USA) **ADD $16.00 per order.  

For UPS RED Priority overnight (USA) **ADD $23.75 per order.   

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Please confirm correct product numbers and titles before submitting order. 

We are not responsible for incorrectly entered track #'s.

If you desire the tracks to be the "with BG Vocal versions"  please select the correct track # that is shown in our catalog with BG Vocals.  

Tracks that have a B after the number are the With BGV versions.

Tracks that have an N after the number are the Without BGV versions.

If there is not a track # shown on the title desired with BG Vocal then that title is not available with BG Vocals.  Our online catalog should be correct in the BG Vocal listings.  If a With or Without version is not shown online then that title is not available in the format.  Please call or email if you have questions or find an error in our listings.

We are not responsible for incorrectly entered track #'s.  You have to choose the correct track # that is listed in our catalog for whichever version you prefer (With or Without BGV).   

When entering your track numbers be sure to include the B or N at the end of each track number AS SHOWN in our catalog to indicate the With or Without versions.  

Examples: 1594B is title "We Fall Down" With BGV and 1592N is the same track Without BGV.  

The number that has a B at the end is With BGV and the number that has an N at the end is the Without version.


   Track #    Title                                                          

           PLEASE NOTE: If you are wanting a track "with BG Vocal" please check our online listing for the correct track # that is listed with BGV.  If the catalog does not have a version listed with or without BGV's  then that track is not available in that format. 

Please call to confirm any questions on the versions with and without BGV before placing an order.  

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