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 Internet Download Process is Now INSTANT Downloads 

We are announcing our Fully Automated and Now INSTANT download service.  This means we now have our download service where you can place a download order and receive your download link immediately upon credit card approval 24/7/365.  Weekdays, Weekends & Holidays!

DSL and Cable Internet Connections are recommended for downloads.  Because of our high quality MP3's the file size is quite large for dialup downloads.

The file size of each song will vary but generally each song will be between 8 and 14 mega bytes and are meant for fast internet connections like DSL and Cable.

DSL and Cable downloads will usually take approximately 1 minute per song.  

Dialup connections can sometimes be used for single song downloads but please realize dialup downloads will take 1 hour per song.  

After downloading you can then burn your own CD of the downloaded songs.  This download will include the high quality MP3 soundtrack, MP3 DEMO demo and a lyrics sheet for each title.

Place your "Download" online order by selecting appropriate link depending on whether you want the track with or without background vocal. 

"Buy This Track Via Instant Download ($7.50) With BGV"


"Buy This Track Via Instant Download ($7.50) Without BGV"

You can save all shipping and handling charges and receive your download links immediately.

Our Internet Download orders are now INSTANT.  No more waiting for an email to arrive.  

Each song will be supplied with the vocal demo, the soundtrack and a lyric sheet with the words to aid in learning the song. 

International orders can no longer be ordered on CD to be shipped they can only be purchased as a download as of August 1, 2004.

- - - - - - - - - Please note our download orders are now Immediate - - - - - - - - - 

    CD's shipping information    

*Shipping time does not include processing time.  

If you charged your order to a Visa or MC we will START processing your order as soon as the CC charge is approved.  If you chose to have your order shipped on CD the shipping time is in addition to the processing time.

Processing Time + Shipping Time = Delivery Time.

We usually process both shipped or download orders by the next business day unless it is on a weekend or holiday then the order will be processed the next business day.

Selecting UPS Blue 2-Day shipping does not mean a guaranteed "2-day Delivery Time" or that you will receive the mailed soundtrack order in 2 days.

UPS Blue 2-Day shipping means that after your order has been processed, usually just 1 business day (it can take 48 to 96 hours if order comes in on the weekend and/or holidays) and we ship the order then you should receive it within 2-days of when we shipped your product to most USA locations.

Remember, once we hand a shipment off to the US Mail or UPS carriers it is out of our control.  The estimated delivery times are based up those carriers' stated delivery times.

We normally do not start processing your CD order until you have replied to our order confirmation email.  This confirmation is sent out within a few minutes of when you submit your order.  When you receive this confirmation check your order for correctness and then reply "order is correct" or state if there are corrections or additions.  We cannot be held responsible for incorrectly entered titles..


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