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Yes you can now search by a keyword or phrase anywhere on the demo pages of our songs.  This includes searching for a song by the number, lyrics, vocal range, instrumentation or virtually any thing you see on these pages.  

Alternate Search Tip: Click on the search button with the white field empty to view all tracks in alpha order.  Please note: slow connections will take a while for this search to display.

Enter (all lower case) in the white field above, One keyword found anywhere in our product's page.

Power Search Tip: This Search allows you to search for more than just a word or phrase in the lyrics of a song.  You can also search for all songs in "low range", "lo/hi" or even songs that include "strings", "harmonica" or "steel" guitar in the instrumentation and this search will display only those songs that meet this search criteria.

You MUST use a wildcard asterisk * if you do not know the complete phrase or how to spell a particular word or if there are variables on this word.  When we list the vocal range we have some that are Medium, Med/Lo, Med/Hi.  So instead of listed each of those use the wildcard asterisk and search for med* will find all three range listings.  If you are searching by track number use the asterisk after the track number for a successful search.  Sample 1600*

Enter resu* or resurr* will both find all songs that contain "resurrection".  You must enter the full keyword or use the * wildcard to get a successful search.  Search entries are NOT case sensitive.  You can enter upper or lower and it does not make any difference.  We do suggest that you enter your search words in lower case your concatenator words in UPPER Case.

heaven AND med* range AND strings AND "background vocal" NOT "steel guitar"

The above search string will find all songs that contain the word "heaven" somewhere in the lyrics or the title and are in the Medium range AND have strings in the instrumentation AND have background vocal and does NOT have "steel guitar" in the instrumentation.  Also, use quotes if the search word is more than one word as in "background vocal"

NEW Encore Trax Price Information
(Effective 2/18/2010)

Instant Internet Download soundtracks*

Download Quantity 1 is $7.50 per song + Download Fee FREE***

Download Quantities 2 to 4 are $7.00 per song + Download Fee FREE***

Download Quantities 5 to 9 are $6.50 per song + Download Fee FREE***

Download Quantities 10 or More are $6.00 per song + Download Fee FREE***

 CD soundtracks (All songs ordered will be on one CD)**

CD 1 Song is $10.00 per song + S&H*

CD 2 to 3 Songs are $9.50 per song + S&H*

CD 4 or More Songs are $9.00 per song + S&H*

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