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Encore Trax
Christian Performance

Encore Trax Warranties and Policies

Defective Soundtracks:

If a CD or Internet Download file appears defective when received, please contact our office within 14 days, giving specific details of the problem you may be experiencing.  In some cases, the problem may not be with the CD.  If the product is found to be defective a replacement will be sent with the exact same titles at no charge to you.  The defective product may then be requested to be returned to us for inspection.


If there is an error on OUR part in your order we will send the correct titles without additional charge to you.  

Please listen online to our demos and choose all tracks carefully.  NO CASH REFUNDS OR RETURNS WILL BE MADE BECAUSE OF INCOMPATIBLE KEY, INSTRUMENTATION OR MUSICAL STYLE.  

Encore Trax has gone to great lengths to provide Free online vocal demos of the complete song, not just a short clip, and this should allow you to listen and confirm the track is suitable in musical arrangement, style and voice range BEFORE your purchase.  Please email us with specifics if you encounter problems is playing the tracks.

CD tracks are not returnable as they are custom burned for each order.  If you ordered several songs on CD there would be no way to return just one of the songs for exchange.  Please take  your time listening online before confirming your purchases for CD format tracks or Instant Downloads.

The cassette format has been discontinued and are no longer available.  

If you cannot listen online before you purchase any of our soundtracks you purchase at your own risk!


If you find a problem with your CD soundtrack or your internet download, you must do so within 14 days after you receive your order.  There is no warranty beyond 14 days.

Please call or email if you have any questions about our return policies or warranty*.

*Our return policies and warranty is subject to change without notice and is subject to the availability of the titles at that time.  

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